My life is so full of options..And I am really confused..(no,i am not kidding ,its a hard cold fact..)

I had read some were that blessed are those who are confused.I believe it is the idea that I have so many options in front of me that makes me blessed and of course much more exciting.At times it is kinda unnerving  (Yes it is !! and even more stressful if you have to explain it to a second person!!Argh ) still , that space of total confusion is quite beautiful and nice.

Hmm..actually  I have written a small piece .And it goes like

Options causes confusion..
Tats what is my impression…
Hanging around me are the options for life..
Yet impeding me from the change I like..
Looking around makes me nauseous
For I know within me lies the ultimate
solution for life…
I guess that truly does depicts my state or does it not.I am confused ..!!

Guess who ??

I am left with no desire but to let you embrace me
I fear , for you are a stranger to me .
Your closeness sents a chill down my spine
And you wink at me signalling all is fine.
I look around to gaze at the souls that are dear to me
To find the impatient murmur arousing to find me gone.
I look at you , gazing right through my hollow cheek
And I have no desire but to let you embrace me.